Filmmaking for Kids

Our filmmaking program is designed to let those young, creative minds shine by creating their very own short films from start to finish.

We're all about capturing this time in our children's lives, nurturing that creative side, and letting them be the best versions of themselves.

Summer Camp 2024 is here!

Stop the mindless scrolling and start creating.

Filmmaking is a Daily Part of Life

By joining our programs, you and your kids will:

  • Develop Creatively: When children create their own content, it encourages them to use their imagination. This fosters critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, necessary for their development.

  • Learn Digital Skills: In today's digital age, understanding how to use various digital tools and platforms improves their digital literacy and prepares them for the future.

  • Collaborate with Others: Whether your child joins a class, or you create short films as a family, learning how to collaborate with others to achieve a common goal is an invaluable skill to have.

What We Offer

In-Person Camps, Classes, and Parties

We're based in Austin, Texas. If you're near us, come create! Our small groups allows your child maximum spotlight and creativity as we create short films from start to finish.

Private Lessons

Need to bounce your ideas off someone or get some feedback? Want to treat your young filmmaker to ongoing one-on-one lessons? We have both options available to help your movie making dreams come true.


Our favorite filmmaking tools are available just for you. Our Start to Finish Film Guide will walk your filmmaker through the process of developing a story idea, to script writing, to storyboarding, and much more. Use a clapboard during filming and hand your kid an academy award when they're done!

Meet Our Founder Lizzy

With over a decade of teaching kids and teens the art of filmmaking, I know the ins and outs about how to make a short film and make learning fun!

Working for the Texas Film Commission, Terrence Malick, and even being Christian Bale's assistant for a film shoot, I've become an
expert at every step of the filmmaking process.

With the curriculum I've created, I've helped over 1200 kids and teens create over 150 films...completely from start to finish.

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